We Did This Records offer free 2015 sampler

South African label We Did This Records have released a sampler compilation to commemorate the year 2015. Y0u can read a statement about the sampler and stream it below, or download it for whatever price you’d like to pay right here

The focus is on DIY rock and folk music with a punk rock ethos. The records available for download consist of active and no longer active bands and started as an attempt to save some music made by friends, that meant a lot to us, from slipping into the void. As a result we have a little bit of a community going now and it has grown into something mainly supported by the local folk punk scene as a banner to organize under and a means of promoting other wholesome noisy music made by friends who generally hate folk music and folk punk. So we have a pretty interesting dynamic going.

So if interested there are lots of local South African underground DIY rock/folk records available from our non profit indi online distro called We Did This Records. We have also recently put together a new sampler.

NB: We realize that the artist records put out, the compilation samplers, and the shows we do consist of an overwhelming white male artist percentage and this is something that needs to be addressed and worked on as it is questionable in terms of being truly “punk rock” and is not very representative of where we live.


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