We’re Not Afraid streaming new songs

We’re Not Afraid are streaming a few more tracks from their recently released (in Japan) full-length on their MySpace page.  The songs are Simon B, Casual Ties and Live It Your Way.  Oh, and there’s also a cover of the Final Fantasy prelude which they did because, in their own words: “we’re nerds”.

4 additional songs from the album can be downloaded for free right here.

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  1. x_Jiro_x8/9/2010 9:25 PM | Permalink

    Yup, and “Simon B.” is probably Simon Belmont from Castlevania games. Even the song sounds similar to those from the game.

  2. werenotafraid
    werenotafraid8/10/2010 6:59 PM | Permalink

    cv2 was the cheapest game ever. and we kept playing it over and over anyway……….

    crack jokes are fun!

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