Album Review: Wiseheimer – “Industrial Retribution”

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Wiseheimer is from Australia and this band from down under have come a long way since putting out “None The Wiser” back in 2003. I remember the first time I listened to that album – I was simply blown away. Jake’s vocal delivery and the song writing were definitely up to par with the stuff coming out at the time. Good reviews followed suit and the band made a name for themselves in the ever growing Aussie punk scene.

“Industrial Retribution” continues the band’s progression into their 90’s melodic punk rock style that they do so well. I find that in general their new album is much more focused in getting their message out. Comparing it to “None The Wiser” which was nicely done I must say, this new album shows off the band’s dedication to honest, personal, and thoughtful lyrics. Jake says it straight, no tricky words or beating around the bush. And speaking of messages, look at the great cover art, there’s so much shit happening on there that it makes you wonder if the Bermuda Triangle regurgitated all of its prized treasures from under the sea, and onto the booklet cover art. Mad man Phoenix anyone? When it comes to the music side of things, Heath has done a great job as usual, he’s one of the best in the business. There are certain bands that capture you with their music/vocal combo and Wiseheimer are certainly one of those bands. I also find that the backup vocals are a high point with this album. If you recall, the band’s previous work had more hardcore sounding back-ups with Jamie, who is not in the band anymore. Now we have just the right amount in the right places with this new album. It’s better to hear the leads with Heath belching out the hardcore shouts/clean back-ups. Plus Heath’s vocals complement Jake’s perfectly by even bringing an American side to it.

The single from the album has to be the slower track called “Takin’ It Back”, the second song off the release. This track is a testament to the band’s ability to create a song that flows so well; they make it look so easy. The bass and drums are such an integral part of it, in addition to the different pitches in lead vocals that bring another element to the music – it completes the song. Another highlight is “Parasite” which is situated in the middle of the release. The ending of this song is incredible with the lead/back-ups taking center stage, very well thought out to be honest. It’s a part that is worth listening to twice! Don’t worry if you press repeat, I fell for it too. “Broken Glass” is another good example of Wiseheimer’s ability to make a short song seem so good that you don’t want it to end. I tell you there’s the best swear line I ever heard in a song when -What The Fuck- comes up. So much emphasis comes on those words and there’s even vocal harmonies added to it! Good job boys. The band ends the album with yet another secret track, and like “None…” it’s more on the hardcore side of things in terms of music and vocals. This has made me realize that Jake’s vocals are good no matter what style he sings. He just has it, not much more I can say.

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