World Scariest Police Chases stream ‘Adolf Hipster’ 7-inch

Pittsburgh’s Worlds Scariest Police Chases have released a brand new, three song 7-inch titled Adolf Hipster. WSPC’s Dirty Rock had this to say about the band’s new material:

“It’s not often that your childhood dreams become a reality, which is a good thing because if they did we’d all be firemen, astronauts, and cowboys. For Worlds Scariest Police Chases though, those dreams did come true. They got to release their newest 7″ on their all time favorite label, PHAT Wreck Chords. They can still remember running to the record store with their saved up lunch money to pick up the latest PHAT comp, Phat Music for Phat People, Survival of the Phattest, or Life In The Phat Lane. So when they were approached by Phat Mike to release the newest record they were stoked! This 7″ is the product of 7 or 8 kids that grew up on Phat music then started abusing drugs, got fat, became cops, and started a punk band. We know you are going to love it, because we love it, and we are mother fucking taste makers god damn it. Now listen to the damn thing!” 

You can stream the whole 7-inch here, and order it from A-F Records here.

World Scariest Police Chases will officially release Adolf Hipster on November 11, 2015. It is the follow up to the band’s sophomore (and dare I say, breakthrough) album, NOFX And Out Comes The Wolves Dookie, which was released on November 12, 2013 through  A-F Records.

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