Album Review: You Blew It! – “Pioneer of Nothing”

You Blew It! are definitely evolving by the release and Pioneer of Nothing shows exactly why. Given their twinkly nature and emo-flagship disposition, there’s nothing vastly new on this three-tracker, however, the way the balancing act with clean productions and rough-scratchy sounds that feel like demos come unbound, you can sense that these guys are ready to stop giving a fuck what haters think…and keep doing what they’re doing.

They’re more assured in their sound – wispy, sincere a la Keep Doing What You’re Doing but still so underground and accessible a la Grow Up, Dude. “Lanai” and “Bedside Manor” are melodic jingles that exemplify this balance and as catchy as they get, there’s still an underlying tension. In the ballad “Your Side” which closes off things, there’s a lot of cynicism here that also shows no matter how crooning they get, You Blew It! aren’t the juvenile kids you loved in 2012. There’s something much more real and in their evolution, the musical sense of urgency in each chord comes out.

For fans of Into It. Over It. and American Football, if you wanted to hear the long-lost love-child of Cap’n Jazz, then this is the band you should be listening to.

3.5/5 Stars

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