Nick 13 on the next Tiger Army album

In a recent interview with Washington Times CommunitiesNick 13 revealed that he has been writing new material for a new Tiger Army album, but is not sure when it will be released as he is busy working on his second solo album, which he plans to begin recording this year. He states:

“There definitely will be another Tiger Army record, I’m just not sure when. I’ve been in the process of writing my second solo album for a while and that’s pretty close to being written. So I definitely plan to enter the studio this year for that. Originally when I did the first solo record, I was going to come right back to Tiger Army, but I learned so much and I was so inspired and I was enjoying it so much that it didn’t seem right to switch gears at that time. But I’ve been writing Tiger Army material the whole time. So, when it is time to sit down and start putting together a Tiger Army record, I already have a lot of cool stuff to use as a base.”

It’s been almost six years since Tiger Army released their last studio album, Music From Regions Beyond, on Hellcat Records. Nick last released his self-titled solo album in 2011 on Sugar Hill Records.

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