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  • Beware, I’m a bit long-winded. If you want to get to the important parts just skip to the second paragraph!!!!!!
    I just found out No Harm Done broke up, and the reason I’m mentioning this here is because Matt was from No Harm Done. My cousin, Michael, used to be the singer/guitarist from No Harm Done…I’m glad they kicked him out. He was a jerk anyway. But I am sad to see No Harm Done go. Though I do like the music they’re producing now. It has a different spin then what the other band had.
    I’m trying to go see Nightlights live, I doubt Matt or his younger brother will remember me though, it’s been years and I have grown a lot. I think I was in late elementary school and early middle school, which now I’m in highschool. My first year of, but still.

    Anyway, the music Nightlights has a real nice sound to it though. On the 16th I have to work, and I have two club meetings in school and my academy has a blood drive, so I can’t make it. Does anyone know when their next concert might be, and if they might be playing sometime over Spring Break?

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