Nonstarter (melodic skate punk) stream music video/release new EP

Melodic skate punk band, Nonstarter have just released their debut EP, Seasoned Stuntman on all the usual digital formats. Along with that, here is yet another video shot by the band member’s own Open Ended Films. This one is for “The Dish” and you can view that music video below.


Photo credit: Jared Hall


We really wanted to believe 
It was something special 
Everything we could conceive… 
Some search forever, 
But some, they just have it 

And that should have been the break 
But who really knew 
How quickly it would ruin 
We were all just so naïve 
To think we could make it 
With such weak ass will 

But we needed to believe 
These backyard arenas 
Would keep us runnin’ all the while 

‘Cause we knew that they’d go all the way 
Given all the “whoas”! 

They say don’t give up until the end 
Well that’s where we appear to be 
So far away 
Yet we keep holding to this tether 
But not for what it seems 

Another family 
Given what we know 
New direction, new perspectives 

We could never turn away 
Lifers ‘til the end 

We thought they’d have the world by now 
Given all the “whoas”!

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