Noodles on possibility of Offspring live album, already thinking about another album

The Offspring guitarist Noodles was recently interviewed by True Sound. When he talked about the possibility of a live album, Noodles mentioned they will begin work on their next album after they finish touring support of their latest album Days Go By. He states:

“With Pete, we’d definitely knock out a live album, I think. You know, it’d be something we’d, you know, be interested in doing, but it’s not a main priority of ours though. Right now, we’re just taking the new songs, this is the first time we’re playing almost the whole record, and we have it almost ready to go live, and so, we’re just trying to feel what’s, you know, play the songs and get the reaction from the audience, find out what’s working well in the live thing. Sometimes what sounds like coming out of your speakers doesn’t always translate to the live arena, you know, so we’re working on that. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing the new songs though, so right now that’s kind of our focus, and then once we get off tour, we’ll sit down and take a look at a new record.”

You can watch the interview here.

The Offspring’s latest album Days Go By was released in June on Columbia Records. Contrary to earlier reports on the internet, the band is not back on their former label Epitaph despite the fact that the label’s website lists them as a “current artist” on their “all artists” page.


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