October’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp


Oh Yea!!! It’s October!! Why all of the excitement? Well, October = Halloween and Halloween = office costume contest!! While we normally don’t get too excited about such a childish and menial event, rumor has it that Phyllis over in Accounting was so amped about the Misfits reunion a few months back that she has been working on a Glenn Danzig costume (ed: Oh god…is that what the fishnet tank top is for? Has HR been alerted?). Needless to say, there’s considerably more excitement around DyingScene HQ this year! If envisioning questionably attired, 62 year old accountants isn’t enough to get you stoked, it’s also time for this month’s installment of Hidden Gems of Bandcamp! This month, we’ve uncovered five fantastic bands that we’re betting aren’t on your radar yet. Check ’em out below!

Jesus and His Judgmental Father

“Sounds like the ’10 Things I Hate About You’ soundtrack, except way more queer”. That quote, taken from this pop quartet’s Bandcamp page, was really all it took to pique our interest while wading through the copious amount of new music over at the ‘Camp. Lucky for us, our curiosity paid dividends this time because these punks from across the pond hit on all cylinders. Whether it’s the gut rattling, loose stringed bass riffs on the more orthodox pop tracks or the hollow, acoustic guitars on the folk inspired songs, each song shows an stunning level of talent and finesse. The group started in 2010 and released their debut full length, Kings and Queens a few years afterwards in 2012. Since then, they have been kind of quiet on the album front, but until they come out with something new, we’re just fine listening to two albums that are available (2015’s EP, False Sense of Maturity is also available, both for ‘Name Your Price’).

Recommended Track: “Kings and Queens”



These old school punkers from The City of Brotherly Love, sound a bit like Decendents but there’s a dash of quirkiness that reminded us more of fellow Philly phenoms, The Dead Milkmen. The rudimentary, repetitive guitar riffs have an incredible lo-fi sound to them, which serves to reinforce and authenticate the old school style that they have adopted. This past Summer, the trio contributed to a superb split,  Not Enough People Do Three-Ways which also featured rock act Science Club and post-punks Readership. As the boys have been around since 2010 they have a pretty extensive catalog, with over fifteen albums available for download including a few splits (with some other pretty rad bands), B-sides, recorded live performances, as well as full LPs and EPs. The best part of all, though? Everything’s available for ‘Name your Price’! Beef up your music library without breaking the bank!

Recommended Track: “Disingenue”


The Ill Motion

This quartet from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been playing their fun, upbeat brand of skate punk for about six years now but only recently released their debut full length LP, Just Fine back in July (available for ‘Name You Price’). Although it’s raw in nature, it makes the most of that simplicity, with endearing and approachable lyrics that almost sound conversational. Top that with the fact that the choruses are also perfect for gang singing and you have yourself one hell of an entertaining little album! While it’s certainly not earth shattering, it’s extremely catchy and more importantly, it’s relatable. Seriously, if your broke, languid friends started a garage band, it would be The Ill Motion. *Sidenote: Is it just us, or should it be mandatory that every punk group get a band picture taken in front of a Waffle House? 

Recommended Track: “December Low”



DIY label Jackknife Music has been unearthing some exceptional bands down there in Aussieland over the past few years and it seems they’re continuing that theme with this technically sound, power pop act hailing from Melbourne. These dudes from Down Under recently released their Sophomore LP, Habitats, as a follow up to their 2013 album, Gone Fishin’ and over the course of the eleven tracks they show a high level of proficiency and musicianship that has been earned over their six year history. This level of quality and professionalism is one of the things that has quickly made them fan favorites in their native land and a perfect choice to support international touring acts like PUP, The Smith Street Band, Off With Their Heads, The Aquabats and The Front Bottoms as they made their treks through Australia. If razor sharp, blazing fast, sincere, pop punk is your thing, pick up both LPs for around $8 USD!

Recommended Track: “The Daily Take”



Well, whaddayaknow?  Another awesome Australian act! This time however, we shift our sites to Sydney and switch the category to Melodic Hardcore. Last  time we heard from this quintet was over five years ago when they released their debut, self titled EP. But earlier this year they come bursting back onto the scene with a brand new, five track EP, Losing Grip. This new offering picks right up where it’s predecessor left off, maintaining a high level of energy, with quick yet precise transitions overlaid with acerbic, gritty, hardcore vocals. One of the highlights for us was a guest appearance by fellow Aussie punker, John Floreani of Trophy Eyes fame  which is why we chose it as our recommended track. Fans of Comeback Kid will definitely want to check these boys out.

Recommended Track: “Hold What’s Close”


***If you’ve missed any of the gems that we’ve unearthed in prior months, stop kicking yourself! We’ve archived them for you! Check out past month’s editions here. You may now resume kicking yourself.***

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