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Dying Scene Album Review: Chicago’s Counterpunch is back with their new album “Rewire”

The last two years have been taxing on us all mentally, physically and emotionally. An unfortunate and dire situation the world remains in but it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As much pain, confusion, stress, frustration and adversity we’ve had to overcome, one thing keeps us going. The music […]

Ukraine Punk

After the birth of my children I found, as many do, that my social circle changed as did my activities. Gigs, festivals and club nights were replaced with baby groups, cafes and play dates. I’m not complaining, it’s an inevitable part of being a parent but I confess, I got lazy.  Listening to the same […]

Dying Scene Record Radar: New punk vinyl releases & reissues (Green Day, New Found Glory, OFF! & more)

Welcome to the first installment of the Dying Scene Record Radar! This is a weekly round up of all things punk rock vinyl. We’ll be highlighting new releases to look out for, as well as all those ultra limited reissues that get the collector nerds’ hearts racing. So, let’s get into it… Kicking things off, […]

Dying Scene Resurrection Show – Denver

Heeeey! Remember that time that Dying Scene crashed and was out of commission for two and a half years? Yea….that sucked. So, in an effort to ensure that doesn’t happen again, we threw a bunch of punk rock shows across the country to raise some cash for ongoing operational expenses and future site upgrades! Smart! […]

DS Exclusive: Never Erased Compilation from Say-10 Records

Even though we weren’t up and running for most of the month of June, we still wanted to make sure we acknowledged PRIDE Month and what better way to do that than with the first ‘Post-Resurrection’ DS Exclusive Stream! This kick ass comp consists of LGBTQIA artists from across the musical spectrum and will be […]