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DS Exclusive: Debt Cemetary debut video for their cover of NOFX’s “Eat The Meek”

Happy Friday, gang! We’ve basically been back in business for a whole week at this point. Time flies, right? To celebrate, we’re bringing you the debut of a pretty fun new video. It comes to us from Toronto’s Debt Cemetary, and it’s for their cover of the NOFX classic “Eat The Meek”! Here’s what Debt […]

Dying Scene Record Radar: New punk vinyl releases & reissues (Mr. T Experience, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtracks & more)

Hello, and welcome to this week’s installment of the Dying Scene Record Radar! This is a weekly round up of all things punk rock vinyl, highlighting new releases and all those ultra limited reissues that get the collector nerds’ hearts racing. So, let’s get into it… Now that all the new and upcoming releases have […]


DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: The Jasons / Latecomer / Jerk! / Bottle Rat (Cattivo – Pittsburgh, PA 5/6/2022)

This review is better late than never… don’t blame me, blame Dying Scene for being on “vacation”… Anyway, with MC5 playing down the street, and The Chats, Mean Jeans, and Thick playing a few towns over, I didn’t know what to expect as far as a turnout on this rainy Friday in Pittsburgh. To make things […]

Ten Underrated Punk Bands You Need to Check Out Right Now

Most people have a handful of bands and records that they keep in regular rotation; some might call them “favorites”. But there is a world of possibilities out there, my friends! Sure, it’s convenient to stick with what you know and not venture too far off the beaten path, but let’s be honest, that shit […]

Dying Scene Album Review: Gimp Fist – “Isolation”

Despite being British, I never really bonded with UK punk music when I was younger. It wasn’t my sound, it wasn’t my history. To me The Pistols were a cliché of what punk was meant to be and I never truly invested in the growing British punk scene, favouring more accessible American bands over local […]