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DS Slam Dunk Edition: Karina’s Must See

For years I’ve wanted to go to Slam Dunk because year after year, the festival has managed to get some of my favorite bands. Due to life sometimes happening, it wasn’t something on the cards for me in the past. But this year is the year; Hatfield May 27th. Even though, looking at Clashfinder, I […]

From The Dying Scene Vault #4: (*both laugh*) Podcast Interview with Max Collins from Eve 6!

Thanks to everyone who has checked out all of the new content we’ve been cranking out since the relaunch of Dying Scene! We’re stoked to be back, and we’re even more stoked that you’ve been checking in! Because we have an awful lot of material from the old site in the Archive, we thought it […]

DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: Djunah / Huntsmen (Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL 3/24/2023)

Djunah’s record release show for Femina Furens happened on March 23rd at the Empty Bottle, in Chicago IL. I wasn’t at the release for their previous album, but I’ve seen videos of it on YouTube so I knew this release was going to be a special show. I expected good things from Huntsmen since Djunah […]

In Case You Missed It! – Dying Scene Review: Last One Down – “Failing Dreams”

I’ve been taking trips through this record on and off since its release in September 2022, letting the tracks catch me in their own time as I’d clean or do some work. I’m not the best at giving things my full attention, but one thing I can say about Last One Down‘s debut album Failing […]

DS Exclusive: Danvers – “MoshPolice”

We know that the beginning of the work week can be a drag, so we’re here to bring a little sunshine to your otherwise, dreary Monday with a DS Exclusive! Our Pittsburgh based pals, Danvers have a new album called Like We Knew What It Meant set to release on 5/1 but we got our […]