Album Review: osoosooso – “osoosooso”

Jonathan DiMitri worked tons of magic in past pop-punk arenas. State Lines’ For The Boats was probably the best representation of his vision. It perfectly blended chilled, relaxing, beach-pop to perfection while distilling his gravely voice harping on immature days and boyhood mishaps. osoosooso is a follow-up that feels like For The Boats got an expansion. It’s matched neatly with catchy choruses, poppy riffs and singalong rhythms that syncs up with fans of Joyce Manor, but more melodically, and in a manner that’ll have you reeled in for several repeat plays.

Tracks like “The Expiration Date” and “Neighbours” highlight how strongly they are sequels to the last State Lines album. It’s infectious, head-bobbing and foot-tapping via simple three-chord structures, varying low-to-mid-tempo medleys and snarky, tight musicianship. It’s a simple yet stylish album that’s meant to be played heading to the beach, top-down, kicking back to beers.

“Para ‘effin dise, Baby!” shows just why this is the most fun record of the year. It has an indie, DIY feel but the melody is so poppy and so sweet, even if you hate the genre, you can’t help but be drawn to its mainstream catchiness. It’s an archetype of the billboard draw this self-titled packs yet will no doubt fly below the radar. I can’t point to many bands who do pop-punk as good as this. It’s not that they aren’t bad but it’s just that DiMitri manages to take the genre to a whole new level. As a non-complex, summer record, you can’t get better than this.

5/5 Stars – Give the record a listen below.

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