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7 Years Bad Luck

7 Years Bad Luck is an Austrian punk band that’s been around since 2001. They’ve played a couple hundred shows around Europe and the UK, released 4 full-length LPs, 2 EPs and 2 7-inches and had the pleasure of sharing stages with bands like NOFX, Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, and many more.

70s US punks Aunt Helen to release singles comp

Aunt Helen was a late '70s western NY punk band that eventually moprhed into The Toys. The band has just released a compilation of their early singles. It's called Hey Aunt Helen and has 14 tracks. That's out via Vicious Kitten Records/MVD.

88 Fingers Louie

Chicago, IL

88 Fingers Louie (named after a shady piano salesman from the Flintstones cartoon) got their official start in 1993, where they quickly started writing, playing shows and released three 7” records during their first year as a band. The band’s sound was unique and a combination of all the things they loved about punk rock, drawing influences from 80’s California punk, east coast hardcore as well as midwestern hometown heroes The Bollweevils, Naked Raygun and Pegboy.”

A Vulture Wake

Founded in 2017, A Vulture Wake is hard rock, progressive punk, and heavy metal at its best – dark and powerful, lyrically dystopian and signaling a hopeful, victorious future.

Under the oppressive cloud of a pandemic, a new record and a new vision were created. A much heavier, and more-focused A Vulture Wake has emerged through the ethos of Do No Harm; Take No Shit. Bloomington, IN

A Wilhelm Scream

The pride of New Bedford, Massachusetts, AWS has made a name for themselves playing fast, hard melodic punk for nearly two decades.


Adhesive is a Swedish skate punk band that was active between 1994-2002 and briefly reunited in 2017.