Paul Westerberg: Why I reformed The Replacements

Earlier this week, Paul Westerberg was asked by Rolling Stone why he and his bandmate Tommy Stinson decided to reform The Replacements after splitting up decades ago. He states:

“The downfall of the slender one. Slim had a wicked-ass stroke, he’s in rough shape. It’s difficult to go there: He can’t talk very much, he’s sort of paralyzed, he can move his leg a little bit. He speaks in a whisper. When I mentioned this, it seemed like something he really wanted to happen. ‘You guys get together,’ he said in a whisper. ‘Go play a song.’ So I figured, ‘What the hell?’ Chris really didn’t want any part of this. I was not surprised, but I was a little disappointed. I’d talked to him, I thought maybe he might come down and play with us. That’s fine, he’s totally into painting, and doesn’t want to return to the skins. All I’ll say is, it felt pretty natural. It felt very much like it used to. After two or three hours, my voice was shot, but we were rocking like murder for a while.”

Paul was also asked if there will be a new album or tour, he replied, “Well, for the first 10 minutes, I thought, ‘Yeah! I’m ready.’ After a couple of hours, it was like, ‘Uchhh, man, you’ve got to be kidding’.” With a laughter, he added, “It’s possible. I’m closer to it now than I was two years ago, let’s say that.”

The influential punk/alternative rock band called it quits back in 1991 after twelve years together, spanning seven full-length studio albums (the last being 1990’s All Shook Down), a live album and an EP. They announced a reunion a week ago and are recording an EP of song covers, which will be auctioned online with the proceeds going to Replacements guitarist, Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke earlier this year.

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