Pentimento release debut full length for free – news on legal battle with Panic Records

Buffalo punk quartet, Pentimento released their debut full length today…for free…and independently. Following the legal battle with Panic Records (which is still going on) over copyrights, the band has decided to leave Paper + Plastick/Black Numbers and release the album independently to keep the labels safe from the lawyers that will no doubt be after the band. You can download the album for free on the band’s website. They are also accepting donations (humbly of course) to help pay for the costs of the album, which they are now responsible for paying for since they are now lable-less. A statement from the band:

If you open a pizza shop, you need ovens and ingredients and workers before you can even get a single pie out to your customers. All of those things cost money. Being in a band is no different. The economics of releasing an album include recording studio costs, artwork, publicity, etc. Now that we are without label support, these expenses are in the hands of Pentimento, which like many other touring acts, spends less time at work and more time in the van.

 We NEED you to hear this record. Therefore, we are giving it to you for free. We will assume the expenses ourselves. If you would like to donate to the economics of the four of us continuing on as Pentimento, information can be found at the end of this message.

 Always be SMART, ARTICULATE and PASSIONATE Рthree words that we have gathered from an individual who has helped guide us to what we aspire to be. We are trying to do those exact things. This record belongs to you just as much as it does to us. Thank you for your continued support. We want nothing more than to share with you the music that makes us feel alive.

*note We, here at Dying Scene, are not taking anyone’s side in any disputes between bands and labels. We just write news.*

We will keep you posted.

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