Photo Gallery: Bouncing Souls “For All the Unheard” Night 1, New York City

Last night, the Bouncing Souls kicked off the New York leg of their “For All the Unheard” tour by playing a double feature of “The Good, the Bad and the Argyle” and “Maniacal Laughter” at the Highline Ballroom.

The show opened with the “Rocky” theme blaring over the speakers, and a boxing-style announcer guy (who at first glance kind of looked like Glenn Beck, but thankfully was not) proclaiming the album’s stats — “weighing in at 31 minutes” — as a woman walked the stage carrying a giant copy of the album cover like a sign.

The Souls came out, no messing around, and launched right into the album’s opener, “I Like Your Mom.” They played through most of the record without much talking — other than when they called the first show the “easy night” then promptly messed up the beginning of the next song. Oops.

After closing with “Deadbeats,” the group left, and the announcer came back to repeat the earlier fanfare for “Maniacal Laughter.” This album has more fan favorites on it and the whole second half of the show was a lot rowdier than the beginning. For their last song, “The Ballad of Johnny X,” they brought out the actual Johnny X (not this guy) to accompany them.

They didn’t play any encores and just stuck to the albums in order, but hey, the next three nights are enough of an encore for me. I’ll be at all four of these shows, so check back to hear more about each one. Photos from last night are below, and go here to see a couple of videos.

“I Want Candy”


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