Show Review: Plow United “Marching Band” Album Release Show at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn

I can’t think of a whole lot of bands who come back after a 13 year hiatus sounding like they haven’t missed a day, but Plow United has pulled off just that.

The Unlovables opened the show, who I’ve heard good things about but haven’t seen or heard before. Front woman Hallie Bulliet performed most of the set in the crowd to an audience ready to match her enthusiasm. The songs were light hearted, dancey, and rockin’; definitely a band worth checking out.

Foolishly I stood front and center for the beginning of Iron Chic’s set, and the second they started playing I was pushed out of the way by fans more dedicated than I. It’s also not the first time I’ve done this at an Iron Chic show. They are always a crowd pleaser, and they always play a solid set.

Plow United opened with some old favorites before switching to material from “Marching Band.” The new songs don’t miss any of the energy of the old songs, but there’s a different focus. If the old songs are “Fuck this” then the new ones are “This isn’t going away but dammit we’re gonna make the best of it and we’re gonna do it together.” The highlight of the show for me was during the song “Falling, Deeply,” written by drummer Sean Rule about going through a deep depression. The end of the song is a big sing along jam “I’ve fallen and I can’t get out / Not for lack of trying” where Sean got out from behind the drum set, switched with bassist Joel Tannenbaum and sang and played the rest of the song. It’s not easy to get up on stage and play a tight, 45 minute set, and not only did they accomplish that but they also created a unique, personal moment. Before switching back to their earlier material, Hallie Bulliet joined Plow on stage for “Get Low,” bringing with her all the energy from her previous set, and they closed out the show with Mikey Erg guesting on guitar.

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