Project Revise premiere new music video for “Three Long Years” (ffo: Goldfinger, NFG)

There’s a new pop/skate punk crossover band out of Worcestershire, UK that has released a plethora of production-value music videos in the past year-and-a-half since they dropped their debut EP,¬†Songs That Sound Like Songs, in December of 2017. Project Revise offers riff-driven and effervescent pop punk with catchy hooks and visceral harmonies, and given the proper decibel range seems perfectly fit for enrapturing large audiences in a festival environment.

Their newest release is a music video for the second song off that EP, “Three Long Years”. It differs, somewhat, stylistically than some of the band’s other tunes, which definitely tip-toe the lines of pop-punk/emo and skate rock. “Three Long Years” falls solidly in the latter category. Check out that video below.

When Project Revise isn’t on set they like to spend their time playing shows across the U.K. and writing song’s for their second scheduled EP, which will begin production in February, this year of our lord 2019. I, for one, can’t wait! Peace!

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