Prolefeed (Hardcore Punk) stream new split “The Mass Forfeiture of Collective Responsibility”

I was at the excellent Stuck On A Name Studios last week to watch Wolfbeast Destroyer again. It was a cracking gig and one of the highlights was Prolefeed. I didn’t know much about them besides one of the members was also in War All The Time, so I was expecting some proper brutal hardcore. Well I wasn’t disappointed, they played a great set; raw and aggressive DIY hardcore punk. I went straight over to buy the new LP “The Mass Forfeiture of Collective Responsibility”, I’ve just given it a spin and it’s fast as fuck. Lovely stuff. Check it out below.

[bandcamp width=610 height=472 album=1385860872 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 artwork=small]

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