Propagandhi Australian tour threatened by white Nationalists

Though most of you reading this are probably stoked on the upcoming Propagandhi tour, white nationalists of Australia are pretty outraged about the band’s upcoming stint of the island nation. The posters over at the Stormfront website have been threatening to attend the band’s shows and push them to “never return here.” You can read the full statement here.

“We should get as many people as possible to do an anti demonstration, buy tickets and jeer amongst the crowd, fight for them to want to never return here. It’s bad enough we have to tolerate boat loads of illegal aliens leeching off us let alone music being allowed to tour here ridiculing us and supporting homosexuality. Yes , seems they are going to be in every major town. If they got a “frown” (a frown eye stance to their pro-brown eye stance) from nationalists in each place they went I am sure they’d remember about that memorable tour they had to our nation. These homos are from Canada and it figures… they come up with this sort of rubbish since Canada is up there with the most politically correct nations in the book!”

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