Punk Island announces full lineup

Punk Island, happening June 19th in Governor’s Island, NYC has put out it’s full line-up with the likes of After The Fall, Lost In Society and Damn Broads. The whole thing is free and starts at 10AM, and is all ages! Check out the full list of bands below.

Bands playing Punk Island 2016:

16 HPP, After The Fall, American Dischord, Ankle Grease, Arson Welles, Basic Bitches, Behind Deadlines, Best Regards, Bitchtits, Break*, Carbon Thief, Crank, Damn Broads, Demencia Alkoholika, Disposable, Downtrodder, Ellen & the Degenerates, Enziguri, Exit 17, Fear Is Dead, Fracture, Freya Wilcox & The Howl, Go Big, Gone By Friday, Heavy Negatives, I.R.A. / Infexion Respiratoria Aguda (Colombia), InCircles, InRod, Insubordination, Joey Steel & the Attitude Adjusters, Lady Bits, Lady Bizness, Left In The Attic, Legend of You, Little Prince, Lost In Society, Manic Pixi, Material Support, Murder Av, Mutiny Abroad, My Kinda Fire, My Pizza My World (TX), Nadir, NCM, Nerves End, Nice Shot Kid, Oh My Snare!, One Handed Bandits, PM Radio, Queen With A Megaphone, Ratas En Zelo, Rats in the Wall (CA), Skelptarsis, Sketchy, Skum City, So Yesterday, Sprocket Rocket, Sun Rot, Sweet Lucy, Teenage Halloween, Teslas Revenge, The Femmepire, The Homewreckers, The Moms, Thirteen Towers, Thundera, Tingles, Transrectifier, Trashy, Up For Nothing, Yum-yuckers, Zero Rights, & Special Guests TBA.

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