Punk Rock Trivia: Fat Mike was in a punk band before he started NOFX

Every Friday (or whenever we get around to it) the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene unleash a tasty little nugget of punk rock trivia in an effort to blow our readers’ minds. Also, we like to make ourselves feel smart.  Today’s fun factoid is about the relatively unknown beginnings of a well know punk icon; Fat Mike.

Now, you definitely know Mike Burkett (aka. Fat Mike) as the charismatic, if not controversial, lead singer of NOFX.  You most likely know that he is the founder of the legendary Fat Wreck Chords and you also probably know he’s the bassist of the punk rock covers supergroup Me First And The Gimme Gimmes.  But did you know Fat Mike was in a band before NOFX?  Oh yeah, it’s true.  They were called False Alarm and I have no idea how long he was actually in the group but I know it was long enough to record at least one equally awesome/horrible song called “Self Destruction,” which features the teenage, soon-to-be-rock star, Mike Burkett on vocals.  The track is 1 minute 14 seconds long, the first 45  seconds of which is Mike arguing with his band mates about who gets to sing.  It’s totally nawesome, and you can give it a listen for yourself right here.

[Audio: 07-self-destruction.mp3|titles= Self Destruction|artists=]

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