Ravenna release video for “My Hero”

Dutch Melodic pop punks Ravenna have released a new video for “My Hero”, a track off their 2018 albumĀ Hearts Under Fire, out on White Russian Records.

Have a watch – and read about the story behind the track – below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fASGFuboSzc&w=610&h=343]

Singer Heleen Tichelaar explains the story behind the song;

“My Hero is basically an ode to the late Tom Petty – and with him to other deceased musical heroes. It’s an ode to those who meant a lot to me while growing up – artists that helped me become the person I am today and still inspire me going forward.

Tom Petty’s music is the first memory I have of music; it goes back to when I was only four years old. His album “Full Moon Fever” was released in ’89 – and just like Wildflowers (1994) – those albums were stuck on repeat in our family. These albums and other songs of Tom bring back very fond memories. They take me back to my family holidays and my childhood. Moments where we went on road trips together. Beautiful landscapes passing by, cherished conversations in the car: a careless feeling of freedom.”

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