Rejected Kids stream teaser of Much The Same cover for upcoming tribute album

Indonesian pop-punk act Rejected Kids are streaming a teaser for their cover of Much The Same‘s “Still Falling” and you can listen to it right here.

The cover will appear on the Much The Same tribute album in the works by Japanese label Torch Of Hope Records.  No release date yet but you can see a list of the contributing bands and the tracks here.

Much The Same started in 1999 and announced their breakup in 2007.

Adrenalized (Spain) – The Greatest Betrayal
Bedtime For Charlie (Italy) – Take What’s Yours
Branch (Russia) – Seasos Change
Cleave (Japan) – Masquerade
Counterpunch (USA) – Living A Lie
Criminal Colection/Punkhart (Czech Republic) – Stitches
Curbside (Canada) – For Those Left Behind
District Never Sleeps (UK) – Wish
The Down And Outs (USA) – Conclusion
Halfway There (Japan) – Gut Shot
Hogwash (France) – American Idle
Hopeless Dew (Japan) – Liar
Jet Market (Italy) – Skeletons
Prolecall (UK) – Wrecking Ball
Rejected Kids (Indonesia) – Still Falling
Straightline (Germany) – Picking Up Shattered Pieces
Symphony of Distraction (USA) – What I Know
Trick Shots (Russia) – Hits Home

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