"100 Poses" - K.C.U.F.

Release Date: August 11, 2023 Record Label: Unsigned Release Type: LPBandcamp Link: Listen on Bandcamp

August 11th marks the official release date 100 Poses, for the brand-new full-length from Boston-based supergroup K.C.U.F.? Yes, I know the term ‘supergroup’ gets thrown around haphazardly sometimes, but Ken and Chris and Mike and Aria have collectively been part of about 163 other bands in the Boston area over the past decade-plus and help serve as the life’s blood that keeps the scene going. 100 Poses is now available wherever you get your digital music especially. We tend to prefer Bandcamp so that’s what you’ll see below, but give it a rip however you choose! Physical copies are also still available at Bandcamp and given that Taylor Swift just announced another new record, who knows when you’ll actually get them!