"Law Of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight" - Self Defense Family

Release Date: August 04, 2023 Record Label: Unsigned Release Type: LPBandcamp Link: Listen on Bandcamp

Self Defense Family, who consist of Patrick Kindlon of Drug Church and a rotating cast of merry misfits, have announced details of a pretty epic release. It’s a new record called Law of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight, and as you might imagine, it’s a live record. Specifically, however, it’s a live record that documents “three revelatory 2019 performances in Brooklyn, Boston and Philadelphia.”

What makes matters more interesting is, as Kindlon says, “we’d been playing as a six-piece-sometimes-seven-piece-sometimes-more for a while. It was an ambitious time. Very few of us are technically great musicians, so there was a problem-solving element to the whole thing. And we made it work; sometimes fantastically. We thought it important to document that. Otherwise, nobody would believe we pulled it off.”

Law of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight is due out August 4th. You can pre-order copies through Landland Colportage, and you can check out the live version of “I Am Going Through Some Shit,” which originally was released in back in 2011, down below!