Rolling Stone talks with Tom Delonge

In a mainly UFO-oriented interview with The Rolling Stone, former blink-182 singer Tom Delonge has stated that he is often five years ahead of trends:

“I think Angels and Airwaves has always been a little bit ahead of its time. For a kid that grew up on a band like the Ramones like me, these are complex sounds and compositions. I remember that a lot of my fan base wasn’t totally ready for it, because they were still mourning over the fact that I wasn’t playing with Blink at the time. But I tend to realize that everything I’ve done in my life is about five years ahead of its time. It would make a lot of sense that people would revisit what I was doing now and say, “Oh, I kind of get it.” That tends to be the curve that I’m on with everything I do.”

One could argue that quotes like this one are a strong case for why Matt Skiba makes more sense in blink-182 in 2019.

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