EP Review: Royal Psalms – “I Could Have Been Anything”

From the ashes of Daytrader and Crime In Stereo, something powerful’s been born. In terms of melodic-grunge,¬†Royal Psalms feel like an effortless and driven attempt to lure in fans of bands like Brand New, Seahaven, Balance and Composure, Citizen, Sainthood Reps and what used to be Daylight. It’s chock-full of that ’90s melodic rock vibe that drew you to these bands in the first place and is definitely a big starting point for a band that’s nothing short of promising.

Tracks like “Until It’s Me” and “Stagnant Water” have a radio-friendly air to them but are very much indie in terms of their feel. Polished but still with an outsider’s edge. The production’s pretty tight as you’d expect of a Rise Records band and it’s a great fit for Royal Psalms’ penchant to bang out catchy, pit-starting bangers. The great thing about I Could Have Been Anything is that it gives them a defined personality despite floating in so many sub-genres. They differentiate themselves well and I’d chalk that up to the heavily-emotive songwriting and guitar-driven character of the band.

“Anything” has a soothing punk sensibility to corral how neatly these guys meld various influences and in pretty quick fashion. This EP is a great intro and Royal Psalms couldn’t have announced themselves any better. Impressive guitar structures and a stark sense of purpose, made for DIY and mainstream lovers alike. One of the more pleasant surprises this year.

4/5 Stars

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