Rumor: NOFX working on new album for 2011 release?

NOFX has a track record of releasing an album (with new material) about every three years, as evidenced by their last five albums: “So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes” (1997), “Pump Up the Valuum” (2000), “The War on Errorism” (2003), “Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing” (2006) and last year’s “Coaster”. Well, according to Wikipedia, they are apparently working on new material for what could be their next album that could arrive sooner than 2012. The source says that it is set to be released on an “unknown date” next year. Until we hear something more from an official source, this will stay classified as a “rumor”.

The band will be touring the U.S. with The Bouncing Souls, Cobra Skulls, and Old Man Markley in January and February of 2011. You can get all the dates and details here. In the meantime, NOFX is working on a split with The Spits, due out soon.

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