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  1. Yeah, you're right, we should only consume art that makes us feel good and doesn't challenge us.

  2. Hey, this is pretty cool.

  3. How is this pop punk?

  4. Surprised Pears isn't on there, honestly the only bands I agree with in the top ten are PUP and Joyce Manor, most of the others just show how boring most people's taste is. Rancid and Lagwagon? Seriously? 2014 was an awesome year for punk rock-- with tons of great new acts and amazing albums, we don't have to travel back to the fucking 90s for good music.

  5. Good list, Jay. Interesting picks.

  6. This is one of those bands I've had a hard time getting into. Is this album like their last EP or does it offer something different. Something about their sound is just super off putting to me.

  7. Never been into Lagwagon, but this was better than I expected.

  8. That was hilariously bad. Bland as fuck. And when did Rise Against start with the blatant sexualization? I'm all for it, but it seems like such an odd fit. When I think of hardcore fucking and nasty sex, I don't really think of Swing Life Away.

  9. I really dig this. Any band that digs Dag Nasty is a friend of mine.

  10. I really liked this band's first EP. But, I swear, they must've saw my review and decided that they fucking hated me, and from then on made it their mission to make the worst music they could possibly make with the talent they have. Bravo, gentleman, bravo.

  11. As a huge fan of Fuel For the Hate Game, I've found myself digging this.

  12. I hated this album, but I kind of figured it wasn't for me. The heart of the problem is Heartsounds’ overall lightness. I’m not sure how they have managed it, but some how they have combined the sound of Bad Religion with heavy metal virtuosity and ended up with something that approaches the tone and atmosphere of Air Supply. It’s kind of eerie actually. Internal Eyes isn’t simply melodic, its poppy. Pop punk can be great music-- it basically epitomizes the ‘three-chord; start a band’ aesthetic the punk scene has solidified into a sacred tenant-- but it works best as great music when there’s an element of subversion, rebellion, or fuck, just basic, down-to-earth punkness. Here, Heartsounds are positively saccharine. It’s overwhelmingly clean, and it unfortunately depreciates the experience quite a bit.

  13. Never got the love this band gets. Glad to see an honest review.

  14. I don't understand this band's appeal.

  15. This is incredible. I haven't been this excited about a new band in a long time. This is some great music.

  16. Duly noted. Not sure how such a massive oversight escaped me, I guess I must have have taken it for granted or something. As for the title, that was simply what it was titled on the mp3 I received

  17. This makes me pretty happy, but I'm not going to hold my breath. This album has been teased for-fucking-ever. I'm not going to believe it exists until I hear it.

  18. Album Review: Citizen - "Youth" 06/23/2013 3:06 PM

    I've only listened to one song so far, but I've got to say I'm digging this. I've been getting pretty tired of emo bands that pander to the indie crowd with boring, ethereal soundscapes, but Citizen actually has some grit to it. It's not harsh by any means, but it definitely sounds like it pulls more from 90s alternative rock than modern indie. Run For Cover Records has been a mixed bag for me this year. I loathed the Turnover release, loved Captain, We're Sinking (that will probably be my AOTY). But this sounds like a pretty cool release. Good review.

  19. I think you're mistaken in your assumption that the people who complain about warped tour only want to listen to old music. The problem is that there is a lot of great music being made today, and instead of bringing out these interesting, challenging musicians, the warped tour panders to the lowest common denominator with accessible music with a false sense of underground cred. It's essentially a pop music tour for kids that wear black.