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  1. Wow. Could they have stolen that intro to the first track from Craig's Brother's Homecoming album any more than they did?

  2. The Offspring have been doing this nonsense on every album after Smash. They keep putting out fantastic singles from each album and then crush the album as a whole by including these random songs that sound as though they were last minute additions. Each album has at least two of these useless tracks on them: Ixnay on The Hombre - Disclaimer, Mota, Me & My Old Lady, Intermission, Cocktail Americana - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), Why Don't You Get A Job, Walla Walla Conspiracy of One - Original Prankster, Want You So Bad Splinter - Hit That, Worst Hangover Ever, Da Hui Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace - This is one of the most solid albums they've released since smash although "Stuff Is Messed Up" is s stupid song. Days Go By - Cruising California, OC Guns