Seems like we're always talking about the things that we do wrong
But let's not forget to talk about the things that we've done
I know we've got our faults and I must say that I agree
But punk rock music saved my life, I can sing it honestly
Sometimes it may seem like we haven't done anything
But I think that we made it a little bit better than it was
That's why I sing and I'll ask you to sing with me
Up the punks
Up the punks
Up the punks
- Ghost Mice

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  1. was miscarriage really 2 years ago? god I feel old.

  2. I'm completely fine leaving Metallica out of this party. Each of the 3 other bands has found this new, awesome, energy. Why taint it with washed up goods? Thats just this editors opinion!

  3. Sorry everyone. We've been having some technical difficulties this morning. It should be fixed now! Sorry again about that.

  4. I highly recommend bands/labels or even distro's check this out. I was in the process of building a site w/ paypal integration for my distro - this is so much easier. Big cheers to LimitedPressing for this!

  5. great melodic/skate punk with a Billy Bragg cover that makes a certain Rancid members look lame - definitely check this EP out, i have a feeling im gonna have it on heavy repetition.