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Hey! I'm glad that we met. My name is Adriel and I love Minor Threat.

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  1. Mikey looks really bored

  2. I honest to God jacked off to this news last night. Got my dick hard!

  3. Never seen a band that refuse to play their home country. They literally havent toured Canada since 07

  4. doesnt mean it wasnt still awful

  5. Sexist, racist, homophobes. The only good fascist is a dead one

  6. Fucking great live band. Their also coming to Canada again soon

  7. Against Me! 04/29/2011 1:04 PM

    Should update the label. Their done with that shit. Hello Sabot!

  8. Holy fuck! Can you say energy? 55 and keith morris embarrasses frontmen/women half his age. Makes me not miss the circle jerks

  9. If you like it you should all stop rating it a 3. This album is deff not a 3. Fucking awesome!

  10. Didnt like the last release, this one didnt turn me. I maintain, worst band on fat

  11. Which explains why you rated it a 3?

  12. Or you could give fat mike money and buy the new Swingin Utters and save a little bit of your soul. Just sayin

  13. holy fuck! it doesnt suck!

  14. fuck yes finally a good stoon show

  15. Hello Epitaph?

  16. Playing Toronto and Montreal doesnt equal Canada. Theres that big mass of land to the west thats missing

  17. Worst fucking cover ever. Fuck Jim Lindberg. Fuck Pennywise. Fuck whatever new band Jim plays in. Shame on Riverboat Gamblers, your better then this!