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Alex Retro:

I'm just a guy who writes acoustic pop punk tunes about some serious things and some silly things.

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  1. I'm with Bizarro Dustin. Animal Boy is the reason I love The Ramones.

  2. Absolutely perfect in every way. Requiem has been one of my favorite albums ever since its release in the mid-2000s, and I'm pretty downright excited about this!

  3. A lot of people love this band and a lot of people hate them. As a big fan (I consider them my current favorite band), I'll explain the appeal (at least in my eyes). This band may have a gimmick, but I feel they pull it off well. As Intruder Blue says "we try to write love songs people can relate to", I find that their songs metaphorically represent the side of a person that can become so obsessed with a love interest. It's pretty swell and the gimmick just adds to it and makes it a ton of fun. It provides you with some good brokenhearted music while tossing in humor to lighten the mood. I've hooked all my best friends on this band as well. Hoping to see them for a fourth time on this tour!