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  1. Almost People should do a split with Almost Alien

  2. Members of Northcote! Awesome :)

  3. Why wouldn't they just come up with a new band name???

  4. pretty good song, here's the link

  5. Sounds awesome! I'm pumped for the album.

  6. ahhh it's so good!!! This might be my top album of 2015.

  7. Right on, sweet new find! I love how versatile that drummer is on a small kit, and the guitar tones compliment each other so nicely. I'll definitely be checking out more songs by these guys.

  8. rented world came out in 2014, not 2013.

  9. Whoa! awesome new find!

  10. this band should not be covered on dyingscene. wtf is this crap.

  11. It'll be cool to see skiba play blink songs haha

  12. I'm so pumped for this EP to come out!

  13. I wonder when they will let us hosers watch it :(

  14. These guys have been kiilin it! Love the new video!

  15. well this was a pleasant surprise

  16. fuck yea. that's some good shit.

  17. Holy shit that dude can hit some serious notes! new fan!

  18. I've been addicted to their clouded album for weeks now uggh soo good.