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  1. Thank you. As a NH punk myself, this was a sad story to read previously, knowing that the perception of a beautiful state would be tarnished to so many who don't know any differently. I applaud you in your effort to speak honestly in a call for reason on an issue that is not bound to the arbitrary borders of any state or nation. Thank you again, and let us never lose our sense of justice and camaraderie.

  2. practically perfect.

  3. this album is a perfect example of how a slight change can really invigorate a stale formula. Pennywise is one of my favorite bands and i am thrilled that Jim is back with the band, but this album is practically perfect and in the five years since, they have failed to put out any new material. what's the hold up? definitely in my top ten of the decade.

  4. best Propagandhi album. having a one star user rating is criminal.

  5. What is the garbled response to "They found him dead?" at 8:23?