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  1. Only in a courtroom would a judge take the side of big pharmaceutical when side effects kill and mmj heals...all about $$ but what's stupid is she already settled twice w the venue. Greed doesn't solve health problems. God heals may she find it in her heart to forgive what was not least not on his part.

  2. Fugazi is fugazi and Fishbone is fishbone. Unique in their own creative spirit. One should not compare the two because nothing compares to a free spirit that loves to fly (off balconies) and no amount of money nor power tripping security guards nor guy in a robe w a gavel whose never stood front row (1991)will stop true passionate artists, and the legacy will last for "another generation and another."...

  3. Fuck the meter maid and fuck big pharma...welbutrin doesn't get me off the couch but listening to everyday sunshine does. Fishbone u r loved by many

  4. If I believed everything I read on the internet I'd think like Brady bunch, eat Wendy's for lunch, drive a datsun Subaru and never question much, get a 9-5...then I'd be a cop and I won't be stopped as I chew off/out her ear. Anybody whose ever met Angelo briefknows he would never intionaly hurt anyone and cares about his fans

  5. Even if they had 2.4 trillion it wouldn't be enough for her

  6. I couldn't think of a better way to a FISHBONE show with Angelo on top of me. :-)

  7. Maybe next time Leisa should kick her in the head with her size 10 stiletto, oops

  8. Thank you for sharing that is contradictory to what the judge was led to believe.. perhaps you should testify on Angelo's behalf (upon appeal) and if you can record her saying she knew it was a risk.

  9. Fishbone 02/14/2014 11:02 PM

    This b won't be happy with her 1!4 million because she is Incapable of forgiveness..everyone who knows Angelo knows he would never hurt anyone intentionally...he is full of love and passion..and has accomplished Moore w his life than she ever will. Would someone please set up a fundraiser for our favorite band as they have done so much for's a wonderful is time for Clarence to get his wings..we all need to pitch in. Send to Angelo s mom or ma fish