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I really don't have much interesting to say.

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  1. "The album leaves you struggling to remember a single song" And I stopped reading right here. While true there is some forgettable fluff in the album there are plenty of memorable songs, starting off strong with the first three songs, and ending even stronger with probably the best song on the album "Shut Up". This review makes me think you are just jaded.

  2. Damn, it's been a while. This'll be good.

  3. "amazing work" **gives 2 stars** Look at this joker.

  4. Maybe with Matt Skiba on board they'll actually be able to make some good music for once.

  5. Don't listen to this schmuck who's all caught up in genre technicalities, this is a fantastically written album and if you're a fan of this type of music at all you'll love it.

  6. I hope not, Alkaline Trio>Blink 182 anyday.

  7. I also like the new background.

  8. ...And Out Come The New Designs! 04/23/2015 10:04 AM

    I would like it, it's just to bright. Maybe if it was grey instead of white.

  9. Oh cool they actually did a studio recording. I've seen them play this live quite a few times.

  10. Why is the banner pop punk? I would think it should be skate punk.

  11. Rotting Out throw in the towel 03/27/2015 11:03 PM

    Better be April Fools.

  12. I want to hear it!

  13. No Counterpunch or Forus? But we have the new Rancid and Joyce Manor? Shame.

  14. I liked it a lot.

  15. "The uploader has not made this video available in your country" Fuck that man I'm from fucking Winnipeg same place as Comeback Kid, what a load of crap.

  16. Resuscitation of the Year was my favourite song on Dead Language and the new song "Fangs" was surprisingly awesome. Can't stop listening to the new song.

  17. It's like The Swellers but worse.

  18. Maybe they won't suck now, eh probably still will.

  19. "Anytime violence is depicted against a woman, I feel like we’re crossing a line that is getting easier and easier to cross." I bet you would've been okay with the artwork if it was a dude. It's just an album cover don't get so butthurt about it.

  20. La Fin Absolue Du Monde was one of my favourite albums of 2014, I'm definitely looking forward to this.