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Hey guys and gals..Im the guy who is always asking the questions that were answered a month ago and im always in the clouds...Your running a F**kin awesome site...and for someone who grew up in Cali and now lives in rural Wisconsin...Its an informative change. Cuz hmm we have trouble getting A.M. stations here..J/K . Just wanted to sign up for the site if i do find something of use to the masses. Anyways Thanks guys

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  1. Lauren, Does this band have any thing useful to offer? I think they are dried up and old...At least thats how they sound...

  2. Im starting to like alot of this kinda of music...I dont know why...I like these guys...Vocals are similar to others but music is sharper...UMM also plays MESA dual rec. Its the sound of the future...Triple rec...We will see..

  3. Great compilation....ALOT of bands I have never heard of But will definitly buy an album from... We Must Dismantle all this..is kick ass. Dont know why? The infected also...Guess just the sound...Others to but those are my personal standouts

  4. NOW that was different... i couldnt pick out many people at all.. Maybe its a bad day for eyesight..LOL Its cool vid though..

  5. Like the first tune Alot!...For rough mixes---sounds pretty fuckin good.

  6. Manic Hispanic 05/16/2010 10:05 AM

    These guys JAM! LOL A friend turned me onto em...Great lyrics...I hope i can see em live someday..Great band...

  7. Gotta tell ya ...I was really not going to give this a band a chance at all.. But the music is totally original and with vocals...MAKES IT SOUND GREAT! WILL PICK IT UP.

  8. Promising! I have been really seeing a rise in solid bands a solid music from Europe...Lately...Well maybe its cuz your site has opened so many avenues and doors to look thru...Dont know...But I dug he was soldering in his own active circutry... Thats a musician...gotta know the jest of it and im stoked to see that..done it myself to many times...Fun for knowledge but sucks if you dont work in the biz... Im looking forward to what is to come of this lil crew..Nice story

  9. To tell ya the truth not bad...Musics cool gifted guitarist.. MESA again..LOL but i like that its not so much heavy vocals and more harmony...alot of bands do it...But to do it well...Well its opinionated of course.

  10. I believe i would be a little nervous on camera, if i was fletcher also... He always is though... Hes a super big..LOL teddey bear ...well somewhat of a pussy...well no...Anyway I would be nervous to sign a band of this caliber...BIG CHANCE.... I know sounds are so similiar nowadays...U have to look for todays music and the future..IT will never all be the same. We will see what happens...I hope for Fletchers sake it pans out... But labels are always meant to lose before gaining so WTF take the chance

  11. Nothing special here. There are a hundreds of bands in the U.S. that get no coverage cuz lack of a label and cuz lack of selling shows out...But those you do not hear about...Are the ones who are going to sell...To bad this is repetitive and boring..Face to Face almost...Just done years ago..Its up and coming and those who need the promotional help ...that needs to be addressed... Nice clip and great news

  12. Whooly Shit! Now that is thrash at its most hardcore...Seen some bands similar, but not like that.. Video was a video. Musicians were that...All have some serious talent...Not that they will make it far...But maybe the musicians will elsewhere.

  13. Now that was kickass! Great band...Better rythyms than alot in the genre...Voice is hardcore..Im buying this album. Stoked Turned me onto a great band..

  14. Well , Um it was okay...It was a worthy effort...Music was great..Also another guitarist playing Mesa Boogie..Must be a Badass head. Oh thats right..I know it is...

  15. Think it is a new and refreshing sound. Vocals are great..Songs are strong and different..This is a band i will be stoked to see on The Warped Tour..Great Post

  16. Now this was a smart move for both parties...Nothing on the drummer yet huh? Maybe label change made him decide different...But hmm :)

  17. Not really my type of tunes..Some sound good...Different sound ..Voice is kinda cool...hope the band releases a full album if recieved well by fans..

  18. This band rips...Have not heard of them before...Love the sound...Alot of buff sound coming from punk rock...Cannot wait for album...10 years hmmm. Great band..

  19. I like this part of your site...It is very informative and fun..Nice idea..And I look forward to it in the future.