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  1. I agree a lot with you about the choice of bands and music here. The Guttermouth songs is the highlight here, I would have liked a longer (like you said, a BR tribute album would need songs from every album, yeah, even No Substance has cover worthy songs, like Hear It). The tons of melodic hardcore punk bands they influenced (by creating the sound pretty much) out there could have made one epic 2 disc tribute, especially with some swedish bands like Satanic Surfers, Millencolin and No Fun At All (2 out of 3 of those are broken up but they still come around for fun just for shows or surprise albums, like No Fun At All's very good Low Rider).

  2. I have to say I was reviewing the original album here, sorry, but I doubt the additional material would make me change it's rank.

  3. The weakest album Lagwagon put out by far, it shows they were in internal turmoil, Derrick and Sean leaving, meaning no more kick-ass technical jazzy/metallic awesomeness on drums, Sean Dewey and Chris Flippin' had the most amazing guitar interplay and finishing of each other's notes and adding harmonics like they rarely ever did again afterwards. On this album is some asian guitar wiz who's a rent-a-guitarist called Ken Stringfellow and I imagine he helped the best he could. This album still has 3 strong tracks, the other "Wind In Your Sail" being Choke, Alien 8 and Making Friends. The production is very strange on this album too compared to the stellar (for the time, and hell, still today) Trashed and Hoss. The guitars sound flat and the song writing seemed to had hit a little bump for Joey here. He recovered in the following album, went real close to the glory of the original trilogy of albums on Blaze, continued on that with added emotion on Resolve and the Older Brother Used to Listen To Lagwagon EP is one of sweetest EP i've heard and I still crank it up to this day, but that's another review, I wanted to mention it because the lyrical content has become really, really deep, introspective and just outright erudite on songs like "No Little Pill", which is another "Sick" sang by a man who's lived 13 years after hinting at us that he was bipolar or something similar.

  4. The first 2 Lagwagon albums have everything, excellent musicianship leading to them pretty much creating a more hardcore sound to the melodic hardcore punk of Bad Religion with touches of metal and nyhc, these guys blended pretty much everything good back then, including pretty smart lyrics, especially in this one, Trashed, despite it's cover, this is part of the group of album I'll always feel and the reissue is amazing, much prefer Give It Back's original version with the kick-ass solo that they cut in the final track and Path of Least Resistance is Joey teaming up with other musicians to make a medley out of Stokin' The Neighbors and a few other riffs from the time when Lag were the pretty damn serious hardcore punk band Section 8 ripping it up like if it was those days to funnily have the lyrics against the scourge that was idiotic moshers with no etiquette of the early 90's who ended up getting punk shows, not just in New York anymore where the violence was too bad then, everywhere now barricades and annoying staff (well, not everywhere, but 75% of the shows I go to are like that, while my whole band played ground level nyhc style in front of 700 people for a little while, because I live in nowhere, northern canada. And I like to sing along to it more than Stokin' The Neighbors, which says something. But that's on another epic re-issue. I don't understand how a terribly weak album like Double Plaidinum has 5 stars so I signed up to drop some of my hc/punk points (great early/real nufan song btw).