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  1. I headed out to San Diego in January to see The Lillingtons and The Bombpops and noticed a name on the bill I hadn't heard of, The Two Tens. Knowing nothing about them I went to spotify and gave them a listen. A week later I was more excited to see the Two Tens then the bands I was going to see. Not only is "On Repeat" a great album from beginning to end but they do a great job as a two piece making the songs sound like the ones on the album. Before they took the stage my buddy and I had talked to both Adam and Rikki about their set up and how much we loved "On Repeat". They both hung out all night and seemed to be having as much fun as we were. I will be going to their show at the Echo on June 16th, I'll be wearing my Two Tens T-shirt singing along to all the songs. If you haven't listened to the record, do it now! This is a band to put on your radar! Can't wait for even more new music from this great band.

  2. As a fan of Teenage Bottlerocket and the Lillingtons, I was super excited for this release. The news of a new TBR cover album was a let down but the "Project 313" EP by the Lillingtons came out and made up for any disappointment until this album came out. Very spooky and dark, not like any other releases before and hopefully after. I did see them play in San Diego in support of this release and the songs from this album seemed to drain the crowd of any energy they built up. Still was a great show and a decent album from most bands, just wished for something more like "313". Still a huge fan but this is not one of my favorite albums from an amazing band. (and super nice guys, they stood around and talked to us for a while after the show!)