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  1. Broken Bottles 11/08/2015 4:11 PM

    I am new to this band. I have missed a lot. It took 15 years to find this band. Living in the High Desert it has been VERY hard to find punk music. In 2000, I was working at Target up here in Lancaster, and there was a lot of punks/goth/alternative people here, just like everywhere else, but being older, I just did not know of a 'scene' here. There actually was and still is, and I am just a casual punk, just enjoying he music and not going to shows, even if there arent too many. I am very limited to my listening, I like the old sound. Which brings me to this recording by Broken Bottles called Hospital. It takes me back to the early 1980's. The sound is reminiscent of the L.A./O.C. sound of about late 1979 through about late 1982. By 1983, punk just went very hardcore and metal kinda crept into the punk sound (Social Distortion's first record notwithstanding). Anyway, I really like this band. Really, a guy my age will love to watch this band live.I certainly love their record. Thanks, cause a band like this keeps punk alive and well.

  2. The Class Assassins 07/02/2015 6:07 PM

    I managed to pic this one up late in the game. In 2006 spring, I quit my shit job making good money at Princess booking cruises for anyone who wanted one. I got sick of commuting and just quit. One of the best days of my life! Along with the other two times I left good paying jobs because I just hated being there! Anyway, I was using my sister's laptop in the late summer of 2006 to find a job and it came. I started working for a Bail Bonds company. I finally had money. Bought speakers for her laptop that I was using since she went off with a boyfriend, good guy, for a few months. I hooked up those speakers to my laptop using an external sound card and whalla!!!!!!!!!! POWER!!!! I blasted some of my new albums I bought and digitally downloaded, Weirdos, Wretched Ones, Los Olvidados, but most of all, Class Assassins State of Emergency. I wheeled all my equipment to my living room. Opened up all the windows. Blasted those records, but mostly the Class Assassins one because I was new to this band and it was 2006 so I thought they were a new band. However, they just hit the mark with power, and melody. I loved cranking the whole recording with the windows open while they were rehearsing a Quinceneda party next door. All these young Mexican Americans with either Mariachi music or rap shit. And here I am, right next door blasting all of the great tunes the Class Assassins offered on that record! I felt great. They could not compete with the power of rock and roll, YES!!!! I remember some of my neighbors looking at me every once in a while while I was outside and they looked at me like, 'yeah, he is different'. I know it was because I was known for the crazy music I played, not the crap they played which they thought was the only music around. Anyway, when I hear that record it takes me back to '06. I love it. By the way, by December of that year I was unemployed again! And happy again. My speakers, blown up by other me cranking Class Assassins LOUD or Los Olvidados LOUD! I never returned them to Best Buy, just through them away. My neighbors left their house next door in January of '07 and it was vacant for over 6 months. The computer that my sister bought in 2002, the one she gave me in 2005, the one I used to stream and download this kind of music in 2006 that I told you about, is the same computer(laptop) I am using right now, typing this(2015). Old, antiquated, unsupported, and still here I am listening to the Class Assassins first album while typing this, thinking about the past, all while this old dog 2002 laptop allows me to communicate with this site. Thanx for listening. Gotta go and listen to this record again.

  3. Big Drill Car 06/14/2015 5:06 PM

    Big Drill Car. What a band, but more than that, they came at a time I really needed them. BDC opened my eyes as to what punk rock was becoming. I first heard of them in 1988-9. I read their interview in 1990 and got their cassette a couple of months later. Thankfully CRUZ records had decent distribution enough to get that cassette to the Antelope Valley in SoCal. For us here in this city to see a Corrosion Of Conformity tshirt was revelation! When I saw some people wearing that shirt in 1988 at our Fair, I was shocked! I was wearing my Misfits shirt, and people knew about it in 1988! Wow! Anyway, as far as recorded stuff, the nearest place to find it was Santa Clarita, some 50 or so miles away toward L.A. Through mail order and a couple of makeshift record stores, here in the A.V. I for one, got my hands on some really cool stuff. One of them was BDC's release ...Type Thing. I read about it, I bought it. At the time I was experimenting with drugs and somehow that tape just came in very well and timely. Pop/Punk I mean I heard the ALL influence but they were themselves. I became such a fan. I later heard the Small Block record and just loved it!!! I own their other releases Batch and No Worse for Wear. I never got the magic from those records that I did from ...Type Thing, but I never forgot these guys. I am now listening to the first time to their release Never Ending Thing.. I am enjoying them in 2015 although the recordings are from a while back. I have to say that BDC came at a time they should have taken over the world with their music. It is so unfair how lesser band make the millions when the better bands are but an asterisk in the punk world. Big Drill Car!!! Listen to their releases!!! Understand where they were coming from and what they were doing!!! Incredible!!! Thanks for the music GUYS!!! BIG DRILL CAR!!