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  1. Can't believe some of those songs were left off but they included Oh Love. Worst song on the LP (possibly across the whole triple albums which I loved). No doubt the horrible 21 Guns is on there too. Oh well, as you said, these are not really for fans, but newcomers are going to hear some of their worst songs and miss a lot of their best. Why Greatest Hits are not a very good measure of a band.

  2. How about we just talk about the ALBUM in an album review? For what it is worth, I loved the LP. Brought back the fun.

  3. An absolute brilliant LP. Song writing of the Clash for me. Album of the year by a long shot for me.

  4. Love this band, love this LP, but not quite a 5 star from me (unlike their EP). This LP just needed 1-2 of their great tracks from the EPs. 'Just Fine' and/or 'Party at my House' would have boosted this LP. Some very good songs, but my favourites are still on the EPs now.

  5. Are these comments just trolls? Good comments w crap stars. ANyway, I have recently discovered this band. I love this album. "Applebee's Bar" and "Buried" are deeply embedded in my psyche. Great stuff.

  6. The Greatest Sons 02/09/2015 2:02 AM

    I meant to say since their release in the above post...b/c of course the best EP of all time is The Fat Thing's "Flying Elbow of Justice". ;)

  7. The Greatest Sons 02/09/2015 2:02 AM

    This (along with fellow Vancouvans?, Ellesmere) remain my favourite EPs. When is their next release?

  8. I am liking what I hear so far. But I liked 'Let the Dominoes Fall' too, so...?

  9. The Bennies 09/19/2014 5:09 AM

    Loving the Bennies. They have a fun-Mad Caddies vibe for mine.

  10. What a good review...and what an awesome EP. I am inclined to agree with you and the others. I have given it quite a few listens now. Certainly makes you laugh, listening to some heart-felt? lyrics delivered with a guy gargling gravel. Great stuff. You cannot avoid singing any 'lalalalala' song. OR 'I had a party at my house. Told you about it'. Simple. Love it!

  11. Okay, I have only had one listen, but already I can see this album dominating playings on my stereo for the next year (or three, as 'North Sentinel Island' is still one of my most played albums). It is going to have to be huge to top NSI, but on first listen, it is a chance :) \m/

  12. Only had one listen (so I will rate later), but I actually liked many of the songs. Several early ones took me back to the glory days of the 90s. First track is very 'Stone Temple Pilots'. Will give it a few more listens before I give solid review.

  13. Well, a well-written review. You had your gripes, but backed them up. I feel more in common with those that liked the album. Yes, it is missing something, and is a little too polished, but I can't resist a whole bunch of these songs. (BTW my kids loved 'Up To No Goos' too). Maybe that is why some people don't like it. Is it too catchy? That doesn't bother me. If it catches me, what does it matter. I was very pleased with this album.

  14. Well I came across this randomly when hitting the radio button on JBnow when listening to Teenage Bottlerocket. the first song to come on was 20feet Tall. I loved it straight away. I then found this album and it may me rethink my best albums of 2011. Oh, and 20Feet Tall is STILL on my favourites list...but so are many others. I love this album.

  15. Gotta agree with all here. I only recently discovered theses guys and this sure is a catchy intro to the new album. 'North Sentinel Island' is up there in my 2 fav albums by 'newly discovered artists (by me) in the last 10 years or so.

  16. Could not agree more. 'North Sentinel Island' along with The Menzingers 'On the Impossible Past' are two of my favourite albums from the last few years. (Esp from bands I only discovered recently). I did not hear The Copyrights until 2012 (when I came across '20ft Tall' after hitting the Radio button on JBNow when playing The Methadones. Turned out to be a good hit, as 20ft Tall is still in my top few favs :)). I just bought the EP from Fat Wreck (playing it now) and very much looking forward to this.