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7 years ago I was introduced to a concept known as the Vans Warped Tour. Where bands from far and wide congregate in giant fields across the country to do what they do best- rock. At my first ever Warped Tour experience, I was subjected to the musical styling of a christian screamo band called Underoath. This is where it all started for me... just one live performance was all it took for me to be hooked. The passion and energy from both the band and the crowd opened my eyes to a new world I knew I wanted to be apart of. Ever since, my connection with music has festered into something just short of an obsession. It has enriched my life more than anyone, including myself, will ever know and I'm thrilled to be apart of the Scene.

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  1. tomC- I agree. The rest of the band members are absolutely incredible, no doubt about it, and Chiodos would have never even existed if it hadn't of been for them. But lets be honest- Craig MADE Chiodos. His vocals are so unique and original that it makes him impossible not to recognize. It really makes me wonder what they are gonna sound like post-Owens... among other things.

  2. haha, Whoopsies on my part! It was bound to happen eventually.. Thanks for calling me out on that one TRTFan... I actually already have made a post on the video you mentioned.