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Drummer and internet nerd from upstate NY. Into lots of different types of music, mostly rock 'n' roll though...and punk. I like Teenage Bottlerocket, but I also like John Fogerty. Oh, and Doctor Who. I f'n LOVE Doctor Who.

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  1. I could go either way on this one. Yes, if the heckler isn't enjoying the music, why is he standing there? However, why does the singer take out any time at all to even acknowledge the heckler. The music is obviously too loud for anyone to hear the person, so why draw attention to it? Unless its to step on a jock which is something we've all wanted to do? Conflicted, but bottom line is this.,,, You get 30 minutes to play a set at Warped Tour, don't give any of that time to anyone else, especially someone who doesn't like your band,

  2. No one in this economy can afford to spend money on ska music. Given time, this problem will work itself out.

  3. Hell yeah for The Reveling getting added this year!

  4. #3,5,6,9,10. Excellent stuff. Love the piece on Cheap Girls too. Giant Orang was my favorite album of 2012. LOVE the end of the week recap!