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  1. Speaking of killer 80's hardcore.... https://christair.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/christairband By the way , the "here" link is wrong .....

  2. A bit slow on this one..... Song and video were out last week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrs1t3N4QXM

  3. UUUGH ! The thought of this awful line-up makes me a little sick ......

  4. Exene is a total right-wing nutjob . She moved to Texas because " California is full of fags and liberals . "

  5. Fuck your god , fuck nationalism and mostly fuck baseball

  6. A never ending " farewell" tour with a revolving door of hired help . And the video is a cover song of the fictional band , Hard Core Logo , from the movie of the same name .

  7. Sad , pathetic , delusional .... christians stole their mythology from the Egyptians , their holidays from the pagans and are constantly trying to co-opt music genres in attempt to lure new recruits . Religion is blindly accepting " authority " , be it the church , a book of fiction or fictional characters passed off as " gods " . Punk rock is about rejecting authority , challenging the status quo and thinking for yourself......... So yeah.....this shit is lame

  8. Baseborn recording new album 05/02/2013 7:05 PM

    Cool ! I can't wait to hear it . Been listening to Behold non-stop for weeks....it's awesome !

  9. Got it....Loving it.. Good job fellas

  10. Alesana sound a lot more like pussies than punks....Help POLICE ! wankers