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Destination unknown...

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  1. Great review! I first heard Lucero about six years ago and they began to slowly grow on me to the point where I now listen to them more than any other band. Stoked for the follow up article!

  2. This poopdick is an embarrassment to the punk rock community. Can we disown him?

  3. Great review man. Can't wait to hear the full record.

  4. That's f'ing awesome!

  5. He did this incredibly awesome one for "She's Drunk All The Time." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVVzidSdRXE

  6. I hope when Jesus comes back he hits on this guy and tries to make out with him.

  7. On The Passing of Tony Sly 08/02/2012 3:08 PM

    Nice writing. Earlier I read a great comparison that somebody came up with: Bad Religion or NOFX may have been the friends that brought you to the punk rock party, but NUFAN was the friend who stumbled all the way home, wasted with you at the end of the night. RIP.

  8. Great review! This is my favorite record to come out since Propagandhi's Supporting Caste.

  9. Holy shitballs that's good. Can't wait.

  10. Tim Armstrong should kill this band and eat them in front of their children.

  11. It was only a matter of time. They appeal to too broad a spectrum of people and genres. I hope they don't change too much.