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  1. coem non now. You must know what the title of the second song is? It's from the classic Punk documentary "Another State of Mind". The canadian punk rock kid who had gotten hit by a car and was all messed up. he said he wanted to die because "life is not amusement for me"

  2. some real fucking geniuses on the board today I see. Keyboard warriors.

  3. did you guys watch the video? The first guy talks shit and Rat talks shit back, but the 2nd guy who gets punched threw a glass at him. He deserved whatever the fuck he got. If you throw shit at a band you deserve a fucking arse kicking and that's exactly what he got.

  4. interesting, as the exploited formed in 1978. So you must have been in the bromley contingent along with Sioux and Billy Idol if you hold the opinion that punk died before 1978. I'm guessing that was before you were born.

  5. if you don't like street punk why the fuck would you be reading an article about the exploited?